COVID-19 Impact to NCLEX Candidates

Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, the following modifications will be made to both the NCLEX-RN and
NCLEX-PN examinations:
• Pretest items will be reintroduced. Each candidate will get 15 pretest items in their exam.
• The minimum number of scored items will be 60, and the maximum number of scored items
will be 130.
• Due to the addition of the 15 pretest items, the minimum length exam will be 75 items and the
maximum length exam will be 145 items.
• Examination time will be five hours.
• Given the changes to the maximum exam length and the testing time, the current Run Out of
Time (R.O.O.T) scoring rule is no longer applicable.
*The final ability estimate will be computed from the responses to all completed items. Those scoring above the passing standard will have a passing exam, otherwise the exam will be
scored as a fail.
• The voluntary NGN Special Research Section will be reintroduced.
*We encourage all candidates to participate in this important research effort for the nursing profession. Additional information about this important research can be viewed at NGN FAQs.
• The NCLEX Tutorial will be replaced with a general guide and test taking tips.
*All candidates are strongly encouraged to take the online tutorial to practice with the item types prior to sitting for the exam.