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Patrice Ancheta Cruces RN

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Frances Grace Donato RN

Just want to say Thank You for everything, Yes I (we) made it! It’s official I am now a Registered Nurse. All the discussions that I had attended from 12-Day Live NCLEX Course and the 3-Day Boot Camp (1on1 assessment) really make me become successful in passing the NCLEX-RN. Thank you Direct Access and to my NCLEX Instructor Walter Donato and George Montaus.

Cynthia Edar Barrios RN

Thank you Direct Access Learning Center Sir George Montaus and Sir Walter Donato—you’re instrumental to my success. Your 12 day review program helped me a lot…??


Janeva Adlaon RN

Great, excellent and energetic mentors. One text away and my cheerleader whenever i doubt myself. They always made sure we understand the certain topic and questions. Their strategies and study guides are perfect in passing NCLEX-RN. Last March I enrolled in direct access and after 12 days review I passed my exam.The knowledge they imparted upon me has been a great asset throughout my career. Thank you so much sir Walter and sir George, I was lucky to have you guys as my
mentor and luckier to have you as my friend ???


Marites Manikan LVN

I passed my NCLEX-PN! Thank you again. I love your lectures. It helped me a lot, hearing your simplified nursing concepts helped me remember on how to understand the questions….also the tips just made it easier to remember on how to answer questions. Again thank you George & Walter and your NCLEX-PN Online Course is just really helpful.

Aiza Reyes-Cabrera RN

I am indeed blessed! Thank you Lord,Thank you Mama Mary for always granting my prayers. You always give what’s the best for me in the right place and right TIME! ??Thank you to my family and friends (closed) for all the support, understanding and prayers. To our mentors George Montaus Walter Donato from Direct Access Learning Center I review with them for my NCLEX-PN then I passed the LVN then I reviewed again for NCLEX-RN and now I’m an RN!!! Worth it all the sleepless nights LOL!!! I really don’t know how to thank you guys but i promise to use all the knowledge you’ve taught me!!!

Ana Melissa Tesorio RN

This is how I passed my NCLEX-RN exam

When I was processing my nclex application i thought I could do a self review for the exam, I was thinking that everything I needed can be easily accessed. but knowing myself I knew I wouldn’t make it! I can be easily distracted because my attention span is short and when I try to read Saunders NCLEX-RN Book it seems like I am reading a foreign book (all those jargon words) not to mention I get sleepy browsing the book, because of this I realized I should ask for help. luckily a friend of mine introduced me to DIRECT ACCESS.

4 things I learned from DIRECT ACCESS:

1. FOCUS- you need to set your goal, what you want to achieve. There will always be distractions along the way but as long as you are focused in what you want to achieve, everything is possible.
2. TIME- studying and reviewing for the exam all requires time. it doesn’t happen overnight that we will understand all the nursing concepts. we need to invest our precious time. just like what sir george and sir walter are doing in every class. they make sure their students understands all the topics, they go out of their way and extend a helping hand to those who need it.
3. MASTERY – they will never get tired to remind you to always practice answering questions because mastery is the key for you to be comfortable and confident to answer those nclex questions.
4. NURSING CONCEPTS- they have this talent and ability to make you understand all the nursing concepts that you need to learn in just a span of 6 weeks from A-Z. it’s just amazing how they make their class fun and enjoyable and at the end of the day you will leave the room with so much learning and understanding of the topics that was discussed.

I would be forever grateful that through their help and motivation I am now a registered nurse. Thank you DIRECT ACCESS. ?